CV4PVE-ADMIN developed w\ cv4pve-tools


developed w\ cv4pve-tools

Docker Version


Docker Version


Create Volumes

cv4pve-admin runs as a lightweight container on a Docker engine or within a Swarm cluster.
Deploy cv4pve-admin on a standalone LINUX DockUX host / single-node swarm cluster (or Windows 10 Docker host running in “Linux Containers” mode).

Create a folder wherever you want to save your app data and configurations. In this case a folder will be created in the root /

mkdir /DockerData
mkdir /DockerData/cv4pve-admin/

Create the app configuration file inside the newly created path

touch  /DockerData/cv4pve-admin/appsettings.json 

Container Image Creation

(!) to replace the part xx.xx.x see the latest release.
(!) TZ = Europe/Rome is required to synchronize the time zone. Check your time zone code.
docker run -d -p 5000:5000 -e TZ=Europe/Rome -v /DockerData/cv4pve-admin/data:/app/data -v /DockerData/cv4pve-admin/appsettings.json:/app/appsettings.json --name cv4pve-admin corsinvest/cv4pve-admin:xx.xx.x

Log in to cv4pve-admin

Access via a web browser to the IP address of the Docker machine at port 5000.
http://IP:5000/ the default credentials are: username admin@local password Password123!