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Migrate your VMware infrastructure now.

Migration performed by Proxmox VE and Ceph RedHat certified technicians with more than 20 years of experience in the field.

Why migrate from VMware?

VMware was recently acquired by Broadcom, creating confusion over licensing, and many hypervisor consumers are looking for alternatives to VMware due to its overpriced nature. Migrating from VMware to another solution must be based on a thorough evaluation of requirements, priorities and objectives, and it is essential to consider factors such as cost, performance, functionality and support.
A cost-effective solution that offers the same features and performance as your VMware infrastructure is the open source alternative Proxmox VE!

Expensive Solution

VMware licences can be expensive, especially for large installations.

Vendor Lock-In

Diversifying one’s technology stack is not allowed.


Back-ups not included and limited choice of storage.

Efficient. Scalable. Cheap.

Unleash your virtual potential: Migrate smoothly from VMware to Proxmox VE with our specialised and certified technicians on the technologies used.

The solution: Proxmox VE.

Proxmox VE is a versatile open-source virtualisation platform that integrates virtual machines and containers in a single solution. It offers features such as high availability, live migration, flexible storage options, backup, security, clustering and active community support, making it ideal for companies seeking cost-effective, scalable and reliable virtualisation solutions.

Economical Solution

Licences cost about 60 per cent less per year than VMware.

Open Source

It is possible to integrate any technology into the Proxmox VE ecosystem.


You will become part of a real community thanks to the dedicated forum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I migrate from VMware to Proxmox?

First of all for cost and ease of management, and secondly Proxmox offers a solid open-source virtualisation platform with features comparable to VMware. Migration to Proxmox can offer greater flexibility, scalability and access to a vibrant community for support and collaboration.

Is the migration done by certified technicians?

Yes, all critical migration operations are performed by Proxmox VE certified partner technicians to ensure maximum data security and availability.

How much do Proxmox VE licences cost?

The prices of Proxmox VE are about 80 per cent cheaper than VMware and are easy to manage, see the different types of licences here.
If you need licences, don’t worry, we take care of it during the migration phase, we are Certified Silver Partner Proxmox VE.

Who can I turn to in case of future support?

Don’t worry, our certified technicians will remain at your disposal even after the migration: consulting, installation and configuration, technical support and training!
Click here for Proxmox VE technical support.