The best open source Proxmox VE multicluster Management

A solution developed to improve the monitoring and analysis experience of Proxmox VE infrastructures.

Latest Release 1.1.1

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What is it?

The easiest and most effective solution to monitor your multiple Proxmox VE cluster in a single web portal.

Developed by IT Managers for

IT Managers

Developed to simplify the work of management and anomaly analysis of the Proxmox VE cluster infrastructure.

Multi Cluster Management

Switch from cluster to another one with just one click.
Monitor more cluster with one single portal.

Cluster Status

Monitor the real time status of Proxmox VE cluster.

Cluster Usage

Control how each component of your Proxmox VE cluster occupies resources

Automatic Snapshots

Take, schedule and manage automatic snapshots for VM/CT in your Proxmox VE cluster.


Take, schedule and manage automatic diagnostic for your Proxmox VE cluster, it helps to find out some hidden problems.

Telegram Remote Control

Configure your Telegram with this bot to manage your Proxmox VE cluster remotely.

VzDump Trend

Check the progress of the vzdump backup set by Proxmox VE and check status, show more info

Node Protect

Perform and schedule the saving of important files in case of node fault, for your Proxmox VE cluster

Disk Status

Check the status of the disks in your Proxmox VE cluster.

Qemu Monitor

Proxmox VE does not allow the operating system to view IOPS for VM. With this it is easy to identify the virtual machines and solve the problem.

Free Memory Node

Free up the node’s memory space in case of error: “out of memory” or “kvm: failed to initialize KVM: Cannot allocate memory”

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How to Install

Docker User Guide

Binary User Guide

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